Assist your managers in exceptional situations

Managing crises and developing new skills

Action-based coaching enables one or several managers to deal with unusual or very difficult situations and break deadlocks with difficult employees or groups of employees.

Objectives of Action-based Coaching

More specifically, action-based coaching aims to:

  • Allow a manager to test new strategies in a controlled environment;
  • Allow a manager to test his or her skills on the ground;
  • Provide a manager with a different reading of the situation to be managed;
  • Allow a manager to perceive a given situation from a new point of view.

Our Action-based coaching approach

Our approach is intended for managers and their immediate superiors who are grappling with unique difficulties or undertaking mandates that are atypical. Coaching a manager or a group of managers is done in the workplace, for a limited period of time. Occasionally, it may include meetings with direct reports.


The managers changed their attitudes and methods vis-à-vis a group that was considered very difficult, which helped re-establish trust all around. The group leaders became constructive, and supported their managers in the pursuit of the firm’s goals.”     - Senior manager, large organisation

Re-establishing a healthy work environment in a unionized setting is a major challenge; Ms. Girard’s approach is very positive and her expertise is unequaled.”       - Senior manager, major services company