Anne Geneviève Girard et associés is a boutique firm with over 20 years experience providing highly specialized services to assist leaders and organizations to grow their businesses and reach their full potential.

Founding president Anne Geneviève Girard, Ph.D. has a long-standing passion for developing leadership and talent, which she views as key drivers of organizational success. As both a coach and an organizational psychologist, she can identify and use the unique development cycles of individuals, teams and organizations to help them step out of their comfort zone and fully realize their talents and ambition.

While highly attentive to individual needs, Anne Geneviève never loses sight of the ultimate objectives and purpose of the assisted organization. Curious and innovative, she is current in the latest scientific research and best practices to achieve optimum results while being respectful of individual needs.

A firm believer in the power of knowledge and self-awareness as fundamental to skills development, she is certified in the use of a number of 360° assessment models and tools:

She also integrates the latest neuroscientific discoveries and recognizes the importance of mental models in leadership (www.mindsatwork.com) in her interventions.

Anne Geneviève readily shares her expertise with the media. Over the years, she has built a team of people as passionate as she is, who share her enthusiasm for raising the bar and her rigorous approach to optimize organizational performance.


« Always up to date with the current thinking in human resources, Ms. Girard is very active in her own professional growth, notably in leadership development. Her scientific training allows her to be very discerning in the choice of tools and approaches that she favors, and before adopting them, she is always careful to test and evaluate them with a critical eye. »    VPHR, finance sector