The challenge: shifting from “I” to “WE”

Succession: a crucial issue and challenge!

One of the greatest challenges facing organizations today is to identify and prepare successors to fill the firm’s key positions in a timely manner and to retain talents.

Succession planning and High Potential Development objectives

More specifically, succession planning and the development of high potential candidates provide a way to:

  • Identify tomorrow’s leaders and managers;
  • Prepare them adequately for their future roles;
  • Allow people to articulate their career ambitions;
  • Develop skills;
  • Transfer knowledge.

Our Succession planning and High Potential Development approach

Different approaches are available to identify and prepare successors. The selected approach must take into account the means available to the organization, as well as its demographics and its present and future needs. The dearth of manpower and the time required to master the task at hand must also be seriously considered. Our approach provides a way to prepare successors and accelerate development of high potential managers, while still providing professional development opportunities to all employees. High-potential Managers, Accelerate Your Development!


Trois gestes porteurs pour accélérer le développement des leaders


“Ms. Girard surprised us when she told us that we had a sufficient number of high quality candidates to meet our future needs. We did however realize that a serious delay in preparing them had made us very vulnerable.”     - CEO, large public company

“I have witnessed many of my colleagues, several of whom are very gifted and competent, make mistakes that I’ve avoided thanks to Ms. Girard’s coaching.”    - Partner from a big law firm