Assess and reinforce the synergy of your management team

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

  • Does your management team function as a unit?
  • Do your champions work effectively in a team setting?
  • Is your organization paralyzed by conflicts between team members?

 Coaching the management team objectives

Management team coaching aims to optimize the synergy and complementarity of each individual team member.

More specifically, coaching the management team provides a way to:

  • Identify convergent interests;
  • Identify divergent interests;
  • Recognize interdependency between departments;
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts;
  • Clearly identify what is expected from each team member;
  • Secure each person’s commitment towards achieving the goals that have been set.

Our approach to executive team coaching

First, our coach assesses team functioning through different means and gives feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Over a number of intermittent one- or two-day meetings, our coach states observations relevant to the assessment and actively encourages courageous conversations between the team members to identify both the negative and positive aspects of team functioning.


Le défi de diriger des leaders ou « comment mener un troupeau de chats »  


“Without losing sight of the company’s purpose and objectives, Anne Geneviève maintains a constructive spirit, and she never hesitates to identify dysfunctions or inconsistencies, either of individuals or the group, while searching for solutions.”     VPHR, services

“Coaching our management team allowed us to improve the balance of discussions dominated by certain “egos” with very strong personalities who left little time for less assertive members.  All team members were able to become aware of their interactions and better predict their impacts, which resulted in better analysis and improved decisions for the organization. Through this coaching, we have not only achieved a better than ever financial performance, but we also developed a strong sense of belonging, to the team and the organization.”       - CEO, distribution