Assessment of human potential: A precious tool and a worthwhile investment

  • Have you ever made a costly hiring mistake?
  • Do you have trouble recruiting people at the skill level you require?
  • Have you lost valuable associates in the last few years?
  • Is there a wealth of unexploited talent in your organization?

The right person, in the right place, at the right time!

Assessment of human potential enables you to manage hiring, promote the optimal candidate and discover how to best develop the talent of your employees.

Assessment of human potential objectives:

More specifically, assessment of human potential provides a way to:

  • Assess the strengths and characteristics of a candidate against the requirements and profile of a given position;
  • Assess the fit between a candidate and an organisation;
  • Assess the risk of hiring a given candidate;
  • Compare the internal candidates to external availability;
  • Define the strengths of a candidate and identify points that need development.

Our assessment of human potential approach

The psychologist will give you a comprehensible and documented opinion based on a full day of tests, psychometric assessments and interviews. The candidate will then be seen again by the psychologist in a feedback session and be provided with a copy of the assessment report. The psychologist will explain in practical terms the courses of action needed to develop identified skills.

Our approach is highly personalized and focused on the development of candidates.


Du bon usage des tests  (Portail RH)

Nouvelles tendances en gestion des talents : développer ou recruter?


«With Anne Geneviève, you always get an accurate picture. You know exactly where you stand today and where you’ll be tomorrow, with an approach that is both courteous and constructive. »     - VPHR, Distribution

«Although I was not offered the job, my experience was very positive. Ms. Girard’s assessment and the feedback she gave me on it led me to evaluate my career prospects and to devise a future strategy suitable to my strengths and interests.  »     - Internal applicant

«The value-added analyses and interventions of Anne Geneviève are undeniable, observable and demonstrate managerial courage. She knows how to communicate her scientific principles in a language that is accessible to her clients. »   - VPHR, services