Organizational transformation:  A powerful driver

  •  Does your capacity to deliver align with your strategic plan?
  • Is your organization sufficiently agile to tackle today’s challenges?
  • Are your employees engaged? Do they share your vision?

Who can benefit from organizational transformation coaching?

It is specifically designed for:

CEO, Senior management, the organization as a whole.

Organizational transformation objectives

Customized strategic coaching ensures that implementation capacity will meet strategic planning. Coaching the leader is a strategic exercise that involves synergy between several of our team’s coaches based on their respective expertise.

In practical terms, organizational transformation coaching provides a way to:

  • Assist the leader to firmly anchor the implementation plan to the strategic plan;
  • Assist the leader in managing sensitive or difficult situations;
  • Provide the leader with a more complete reading of the situation to be managed;
  • Allow the leader to develop new leadership skills to better mobilize his teams.

 Our approach to Organizational transformation

Often involving a long-term relationship, our management coaching program is tailored to the needs of your organization. It can include coaching interviews, telephone conversations and other specific initiatives in which helps a President or senior management better play their role, develop the team or tackle today’s challenges.


Votre organisation est-elle émotionnellement intelligente?

From Monopoly to Market Leader: Maison des Futailles (MDF)


« Assisted by the coaching of Ms. Girard and some of her partners, we undertook a restructuring of our sales and marketing team, which resulted in a 10% increase in our profit last year. »     - President, manufacturing company

“I retained the professional services of Anne Geneviève to work alongside us during a major restructuring that involved a profound change in our organizational culture. Thanks to her expertise, I was able to validate my game plan and to enjoy neutral and objective reading of the situation. Our managers were involved in the process from the beginning and that contributed significantly to their support of this important shift and to its success. Through the use of her in-depth evaluations, Anne Geneviève facilitated the repositioning of key executives based on their strengths and their complementarity. We greatly appreciated the courage and tact she used when it was necessary to challenge our assumptions. Throughout the process, I felt well supported by Anne Geneviève; she demonstrated great agility in adapting to situations while maintaining her integrity. Finding a coach with all these qualities greatly facilitated the transition.
   Senior manager, national regulatory authority

«With Ms. Girard’s assistance, I was able to guide the company through a major technology transfer project and stench the loss of customers in a very competitive market. »   - President of a technology SME

Anne Geneviève maintains a very compassionate approach but she remains focused on performance and development potential. She is not satisfied with half-hearted effort, and she aims constantly at making us surpass our limits through a scientific approach based on years of study, analysis and research into best practices.
   - CEO, manufacturing

 “Rigorous and experienced, Ms. Girard understands very well the strategies and rules of business. Her academic training and her practical experience allow her to skillfully maneuver across different organizational levers, either through individual talent development, leadership coaching or cohesion of management teams.”    - VPHR, finance industry