One-on-one coaching: Know yourself better, to better realize your full potential!

One-on-one coaching is a powerful tool for recognizing strengths and developing talent in a special interpersonal relationship.

One-on-one coaching objectives

More specifically, one-on-one coaching provides a way to:

  • Develop a leadership framework;
  • Develop traits that have not yet been fully exploited;
  • Identify obstacles to best performance;
  • Learn to communicate with, organize and manage employees;
  • Make the best decisions and exercise control with flexibility;
  • Acquire specific new skills and master them;
  • Help new employees understand the company’s culture and develop their internal network of contacts.

Our One-on-one coaching approach

Our coach meets regularly with the candidate in customized meetings, for a fixed period of time, depending upon the goals and specific needs of the person and on the mandate received.

This is in short an approach adjusted to your needs and those of your organization.


Dix questions que vous vous posez depuis longtemps sur le développement du leadership



“ Ms. Girard’s strategic intelligence and skill in asking the relevant questions helped me clarify my own personal goals and define my long-term goals as well, and this in the course of a very difficult decision making process.”       - CEO, manufacturing

“At the beginning I felt a little intimidated, but I quickly understood that Anne Geneviève would guide me from where I was to where I wanted to go. With her pragmatic approach, she has a unique way of simplifying difficult concepts just when needed.”     - Middle manager, services

“By helping me to differentiate between my role as a President, and that of a family member and shareholder, I was able to fully exercise my leadership as a President, which leadership was easily acknowledged by the people around me.”    - President second generation of a family-owned manufacturing firm